Read-a-thon 2025
Read-a-Thon (RAT) 2025 is right around the corner and we’re getting ready to Rock and Roll at Julia Green! ​ But first, an epic event needs an epic logo. Want to help? Read on!
What is it about?
Read-a-Thon is an 11-day reading marathon that helps students make tremendous progress in their reading and comprehension while also raising funds to support Julia Green.
Logo Contest Requirements
Details coming soon!
Important Read-a-thon Dates
RAT Logo design submissions due
RAT Logo winner announced via Hornet News
RAT t-shirts go on sale
RAT t-shirt sale ends
January 31
RAT begins at 3:30 pm!
February 2nd
Parnassus event, 4-6 pm | Dr. Davis will be reading at 4:45 pm
Counting Day #1 - Students bring booklets to school
Counting Day #2 - Students bring booklets to school
February 17th
RAT ENDS @ 7:30 pm
February 18th
FINAL COUNTING DAY (Counting day #3)-Students bring booklets to school
February 21st
Closing Ceremony
Did you know?
Funds raised during Read-a-Thon provide more than a significant party of the budget for Julia Green’s Parent Teacher Organization.

Donations from family, friends, and local businesses directly support Julia Green’s literacy specialist, classroom materials and overall educational success.
Read-a-Thon FAQs
Read-a-Thon is an 11-day reading marathon that helps students make tremendous progress in their reading and comprehension ability while raising funds for Julia Green. During Read-a-Thon, students are challenged to read as many books as possible and record it in their school-provided reading logs. Family, friends, and local businesses can serve as hosts or corporate sponsors of the event and can sponsor an individual student to encourage their reading efforts. This fundraiser supports Julia Green’s literacy specialist, classroom materials, and overall educational success.
What are the 2025 Read-a-Thon dates?

January 31 – February 17, 2025

My student came home with a booklet. What do I do with it?

Log books and be sure to return it to school on counting days (

Kindergarteners/First Graders: Use the “pages read” column. These may be pages from books read to them or books they read.

Second - Fifth Graders: Use the “minutes read” column.

How do I make sure the books are “just right” for my child?

Books that challenge a student without frustrating them are considered on their reading level. If you are unsure or need suggestions, contact your teacher.

Where can I find additional books to read?

The library is a great resource for “just right” books. Plus, you get extra credits/minutes when you visit a library. Our fifth grade is also overseeing a book swap box located in the school. Students can exchange an unwanted book from home with a new one to read.

How does Read-a-Thon raise money for Julia Green?

Generous donations from corporate sponsors, host families, and individuals who believe in the power of reading provide funding for Julia Green’s literacy specialist, classroom materials, and Julia Green’s overall educational success. In fact, RAT raises more than one-third of the budget for Julia Green’s Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)!

How do I sign up to be a sponsor?

- Corporate Sponsors: Businesses can sponsor at the $500, $1,000, $2,500 and $5,000 level by donating through a link left on Read-a-Thon Page.

- Host Family Sponsors: Families can sponsor at the $100, $250, and $500 level by donating through a link left on Read-a-Thon Page.

What does it mean to sponsor a student?

Sponsoring a student is a way to show your support! By signing a student’s sponsor list, you are helping to keep them accountable and motivated.

Do I have to donate to sponsor a student?

There is no financial commitment to sponsor a student. Sponsoring can include sharing a list of your favorite books or authors, helping them set a goal, or writing a note of encouragement.​If you’d like to make a financial donation as part of your sponsorship, click here. Any amount is welcome. Every dollar supports our school!​

Can I make an in-kind donation?

Yes! We welcome contributions for our student awards and prizes. Please contact​

Julia Green’s Parent Teacher Organization is designated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as tax-exempt, defined in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and, as such, contributions to Julia Green PTO are tax-deductible.​

Are there prizes during Read-a-Thon?

Yes! There are three prize levels for every student:

Chart-Topper (1-45 credits or 15-450 minutes)
Certified Gold (46-75 credits or 451-750 minutes)
Certified Platinum (76+ credits or 751+ minutes)​

Students will receive a designated prize for each level they achieve. Certified Platinum winners will also receive a certificate of their achievement and will be recognized during the closing assembly.

How do students know if they won a prize?

The reading room parent (RRP) will calculate credits on counting days. When students hit a new level, they will receive a prize.

When are the counting days?


Are there prizes for additional achievements?

The 2025 Read-a-Thon is a true celebration of READING! Helping students improve their reading and comprehension and discover new books is a reward in itself.​Of course, a little friendly competition never hurts. This year, awards will be given for:​Top class per grade + teachers (6 winning classes)Top reader for each grade (6 winners)Additionally, the top class in the school will win a party of their choice!​These schoolwide awards will be announced at the closing ceremony. There will also be fun incentives along the way to keep students going and to celebrate a job well done.

Are there opportunities for extra credits?

Students can earn five bonus credits or 50 bonus minutes for completing each of the following activities (up to 30 bonus credits/300 bonus minutes total). Completion is on student’s honor and can be noted in the RAT booklet:​Find at least 5 individual sponsors. Sponsorship does not require a donation.Attend Parnassus Day on Feb 4.Read at least one [1] book on the recommended teacher list (see RAT booklet). If students read more than one book from this list, they can simply log them for credits/minutes!Write a thank you note to a guest reader, a sponsor, a teacher, or anyone who encourages a student to read.Complete the reading comprehension questions in the RAT booklet.Visit a library during RAT.

Can parents/adults participate in Read-a-Thon?

The best way to contribute to Read-a-Thon is to encourage your child’s reading at home! If you are able, making a donation can help strengthen Julia Green’s educational success.

Can I come to school to read?

To keep this event focused on reading without disrupting regular classwork, classroom readers will be welcomed at the teacher’s discretion. Be on the lookout for communication from your Reading Room Parent to sign up!​ Julia Green will also welcome a few Nashville stars to share in the reading celebration during the week.

How can I volunteer to help with Read-a-Thon?

Read-a-Thon is a significant undertaking and we greatly appreciate the support of our volunteer community. If you’d like to help with next year’s 2025 Read-a-Thon, please contact the PTO or

I have more questions. Who do I ask?

Your reading room parent(s) is your designated Read-a-Thon liaison. If you have general questions about the event, please contact

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