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Town Hall Meetings with Dr. Davis & PTO

Join us Monday, August 3rd

These events will allow you to hear from the principal, Dr. Davis, and PTO President Paige Menge.  They will share brief information about the opening of school and first few weeks of learning. Participants will be able to submit questions to a Q & A that follows.

To access the meetings, please click on the links below and choose to "watch on the web instead" then as "anonymous" if prompted.  Your child will be able to login with his/her MNPS email when school begins.  

3:30 pm: Kindergarten & 1st Grade 

Teams Live Event Julia Green Town Hall Meeting for K & 1st grade parents

5:15 pm: 2, 3rd and 4th Grade 

Teams Live Event Julia Green Town Hall Event for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grade parents


Families don’t need to attend both sessions if they have children in multiple grades but are welcome to if they would like. Q&A from both sessions will be added to our Back-to-School FAQ.


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