Julia Green School Nurse

About Nurse Gina

Nurse Gina was born in Kentucky and moved to Tennessee after high school to obtain her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. 

She has five children. Sons are David and twins Josh and Jakob, and daughters Hailey and Kylee. She has two dogs, Murphy and Winnie. In her spare time she enjoys learning new fitness dance routines, reading, music and relaxing in the sun outdoors. 


Role of the School Nurse

School Health nurses are available to every public school within the Metro Nashville Public school system (MNPS). Registered nurses provide skilled nursing services to students who need such care in order to come to school, as determined by their health care provider. School nurses are usually assigned between 2-4 schools.

Ways Your School Nurse Can Influence Academic Success:
  • Identify students who have medical conditions such as: asthma, seizure disorders, and allergies

  • Develop Individual Health Plans for students with a medical conditions

  • Provide skilled nursing services as ordered by medical providers

  • Provide information about community resources to students, families and school employees

  • Provide case management services through facilitating linkage to services when needed

  • Participate in health and careers fairs within schools and community

  • Educate students both individually and in the classroom on a variety of age-related health topics, such as hand washing or other wellness education

  • Provide resources for follow up dental care, free or affordable vision care

  • Involvement with Healthy School Teams, designed to improve wellness in the school

  • Oversee the monthly medication delivery system in every school

  • Work with other Metro Public Health Department programs to ensure student follow up

  • Provide consultation for student immunization records                                          


School nurses work in partnership with MNPS staff.  When the effects of a student’s health condition are managed during the school day, students are able to come to school and learning it optimized. Healthier students become better learners!