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Watch the Town Hall Meeting (2/8) for return-to-school information:

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

The procedures can also be found HERE.

  • You will need a sign with your child's LAST NAME AND GRADE displayed in a way that's easy for our staff to read while walking through the carline. If you have a common last name, please put your child's first name as well. An example is included in the map graphic below.

  • Please remember you cannot line up / block the left-hand (outer) lane until 2:45 pm (11:15am on half-days).

  • Any changes to dismissal for carpools going home, riding the bus vs. car, or playdates, etc need to be sent to your teacher. If your child is going home with another parent or you have another child coming home with you, you BOTH need to send a note to your child's teacher. Again - BOTH parents need to send notes if your child is going home with another child. 

  • Children can only ride their assigned bus. Friends may NOT ride home on buses this year unless it is also their assigned bus and they are a registered bus rider. 

Reminders from the School Nurse
  • Please, remind your child they must wear their mask at all times when at school.

  • Do NOT send your child to school if they are feeling ill, have a temperature (≥100.4), new cough, difficulty breathing, or have had vomiting or diarrhea within the last 24 hours.

  • If your child requires medication throughout the school day, please contact the front office to arrange dropping off medication and correct forms.

  • NEVER send medication to school in your child’s backpack!

  • If your child is new to Julia Green this year and has a medical condition that you would like staff to be aware of (including food allergies, seizures, and asthma) please contact the Nurse.

  • Pricing: Breakfast and Lunch - no cost

Standard School Attire

At Julia Green Elementary, the following Standard School Attire (SSA) guidelines apply:

TOPS: must have a collar and be in a solid color

BOTTOMS: Pants, skirts or shorts in khaki, black or navy (no denim)

SHOES: Students must wear closed-toe shoes for daily recess

Students may wear Julia Green t-shirts on Fridays with their SSA bottoms. 

​Standard School Attire clothing may be purchased from any retailer.  For families that wish to purchase SSA clothing with the Julia Green crest, you may do so at Lands End and enter the following school code: 900129818.  All items in the Julia Green Lands End store are SSA approved. 

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