RAT 2022 - book cover contest!


1. Use an 8.5" x 11" sheet of white paper.

2. Create an original book cover (using the current book title!)  No copying or tracing an existing cover. 

3. Be original and creative!  Bring your special creation to life on your cover! 

4. Entries should be scanner or photographed and emailed to JuliaGreenRAT2022@gmail.com by 8 PM Monday, January 31st!  In the subject line, please put the student's first name, last name, teacher and grade.  Example: John Smith - Henderson, K 

5.  Writing your name on the front will disqualify your entry! 

* All participants will receive bonus credits! *

Download the contest flyer HERE!

For more information on what Read-A-Thon is and how vital it is to our Julia Green Community - Check out our FAQ Page! 

If you have any questions regarding 2022 RAT, please reach out to  JuliaGreenRAT2022@gmail.com!