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Julia McClung Green

Julia Green School was dedicated as a living memorial to Miss Julia McClung Green, one of Nashville’s and Davidson County’s outstanding educators and advocates for public school children. Born February 19, 1873, Miss Julia was a true pioneer in public education in Tennessee. She was the first woman supervisor of schools in the state and served in that capacity for 32 years.

Miss Julia’s teaching career spanned 57 years. She taught at Shwab School, was Supervisor of Elementary Education for all of Davidson County beginning in 1911, and, in later years, was Supervisor of Character Education. In her spare time, she taught etiquette. She crisscrossed the county, going each day to a different school, by streetcar, train, or horse and buggy, and eventually as one of the very few women in Nashville to own and drive an automobile, a Model T Ford.

Julia Green School was established in 1948, originally including first through eighth grades.  The school was named for and dedicated to Miss Julia Green during her lifetime, a rare tribute to honor an exceptional educator. Miss Julia was in attendance at the opening of the new school. Her excellent example of public service stands as an inspiration to present and future public servants dedicated to the education of our children. We celebrated our 50th anniversary in 1998 culminating in a historical marker dedicated to Miss Julia Green, and celebrated our 75th anniversary in 2023.

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