JG School Counselor

Meet our School Counselor, Cori Nash

Cori Nash was born and raised outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and spent several years living on the coast in North Carolina and South Carolina before settling in Nashville 4 years ago. She graduated from Mount Union College with a BS in Mathematics and taught high school math for 3 years before earning her MEd in K-12 School Guidance and Counseling from the University of West Alabama in 2010. In 2014, she was confirmed a National Board Certified Counselor.

This is Ms. Nash’s second year at JG and she absolutely loves this school and community! In her free time, she enjoys spinning, reading, watching Steelers football, being outside, and spending time with her husband, friends, miniature Australian Shepherd, Isla, and sweet baby boy Barrett "Bear," who was born in February.


What does the School Counselor Do?​
  • Ensures parents and students are aware of how to make use of community resources

  • Offers developmental lessons to classrooms on a variety of topics including: friendship, kindness, conflict resolution, etc.

  • Promotes positive attitudes and values among all students 

  • Provides counseling interventions to individual students and small groups on a variety of matters, including friendship disputes and concerns 

  • Consultation with parents and teachers 

  • Serves as Support Team (S-Team) Chair, a team of school personnel that provides behavioral, social, emotional, academic, and attendance support for a designated student and who are committed to determining what resources are needed for student success

  • Serves as 504 Coordinator, protecting the rights of students with disabilities

  • Serves as Gifted screening coordinator to ensure high-achieving students continue to be academically challenged

  • Helps to identify and address individual student needs 

  • Coordinates referrals to other school specialists 

  • Assists in the identification of and referrals for crisis situations 

Group Counseling

Group Counseling is available by grade level during lunch.  Teachers, parents, administrators, and students themselves, may recommend students for group counseling sessions. Groups will be spread out over the course of the semester and topics will vary. Parent permission forms must be completed for students to attend group sessions.

​Individual Counseling  

Students may be referred to the School Counselor for individual, 1:1, counseling by teachers, parents, administrators, or by a student themself. Individual counseling sessions are 15-20 minutes per session with a total of 5-6 sessions, which will be held at a time agreed upon by the classroom teacher.