Reimbursement Forms

2020/2021 PTO Reimbursement Information

Request for Payment/ Reimbursement

Spending & Reimbursement Guidelines

PTO Travel Reimbursement Policy

PTO Tax Exempt Certificate for Making Tax Exempt Purchases

PTO Reimbursement Information

If you have made expenditures for an approved budget item or need the PTO to issue a check to a vendor for an approved budget item, please submit the request electronically to the Treasurer for payment. The form must be filled out completely, and all receipts/invoices must be digitally uploaded before submitting to the Treasurer.  The PTO is a tax-exempt organization, so we do not reimburse sales tax.  Instructions for making tax exempt purchases are detailed in the “PTO Reimbursement Policy” document.  You can find the tax exempt form above.  For any questions, please contact the Treasurer at


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is comprised of the PTO executive board, the Principal, Assistant Principal, a faculty representative from each grade level (including related arts), and the chairs of each fundraising event. The Finance Committee reviews and votes on all budget requests presented to the PTO. There are four Finance Committee meetings scheduled during the year. The first two meetings occur in the Spring and begin the budgeting process for the following year’s budget. This is where the bulk of the budget requests are submitted. At these meetings, the committee will review and approve requests up to 70% of the PTO’s available funds for the coming year. The remaining 30% of funds are held back to be available for budget requests that arise during the school year. The next meeting is held in late September and the final meeting in January. Approved requests at these two mid-year meetings may not exceed available cash.

All parents are encouraged to attend these meetings and participate in the discussion.