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Julia Green Back-to-School FAQs

When will I find out my teacher?

Teachers will be assigned on Friday, July 24th. You will receive notification of your teacher early the week of July 27th, either by email or postcard.


Can I request to be moved based on my virtual learning pod?

Classroom assignments are made based on peer groups formed by the faculty each spring. Classrooms are carefully balanced, and the school cannot make adjustments.


Will there be an orientation for new families?

Julia Green is planning to hold grade-level town hall meetings before school begins. Please stay tuned for the timing of these.


What will happen with our pre-purchased school supplies?

As of right now, we will keep these supplies at school in anticipation of students returning to campus for in-person learning. MNPS is going to distribute school supplies to families around August 10th. More information to follow.


What school supplies do I need for virtual learning?

Your classroom teachers can give you more information on this, but pencil and paper plus access to markers or crayons will be helpful. Please let us know if you need assistance purchasing school supplies.

What will our day look like?

Julia Green is planning to follow a virtual schedule that is similar to our in-person schedule. You should expect your child to be engaged in “live” or a-synchronous during most of our regular hours which are 8-3. There will be a break for all students in the middle of the day for lunch and recess from 11:30-1. Please refer to each grade-level schedules for more details.

What about related arts?

Students will attend related arts classes daily with a similar rotation as when on campus.

Will the “live” learning be full-class sessions?

Some of the “live” learning will be full class instruction, some will be small group instruction, and some will be one-on-one with your child and the teacher.

How will I know how to access the online learning platform?

The online learning will be accessed through Schoology, and your teacher will help you log into that program.

Will breaks and holidays remain the same with virtual learning?

Yes. As of now, the school schedule will remain the same.


When will families decide in-person vs virtual learning?

Families will be able to choose virtual vs. in-person learning after school begins in August.


Will there still be Encore?

Yes, in fact, we have a new Encore teacher this year named Tori Miley. You can find her bio here.

Will there still be Reading Club?

Reading intervention will exist through small groups with your teacher in the virtual environment.

Will there be Math Enrichment?

Math enrichment will exist through small groups with your teacher in the virtual environment.

Will there be after school clubs?

MNPS is planning to offer district wide virtual clubs. We will let you know if there will be virtual Julia Green clubs as well!

What does this acronym on my child's schedule mean?

You can view your child's daily schedule here.

  • ELA - English Language Arts

  • EE - Exceptional Education

  • EL - English Learners

  • AART - Encore/Gifted & Talented

  • PLT - Personalized Learning Time (small group learning)

  • ILT - Individualized Learning Time

  • SEL - Social Emotional Learning

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